Financial and technical services for the blockchain marketplace

DigitalX is a Blockchain company with offices in Perth, Sydney and New York. The Company offers blockchain consulting and development services and asset management services focused on technology, including Blockchain and emerging technologies.

Full Stack Blockchain
Technology Expertise

Validate which blockchain technology product ideas can deliver high value to customers and organisations.

Blockchain solutions

Institutional access to a diversified portfolio of both cryptoassets and equity in future technology growth companies.

Asset management

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Latest News & Articles

DigitalX Launches Bitcoin Fund

DigitalX Ltd is pleased to announce the establishment of its second asset management product - a Bitcoin Fund. The opening of this fund will provide DigitalX investors with further exposure to upside in the price of bitcoin.
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The future of video game creation and blockchain

DigitalX brought together a panel of industry innovators to explore the potential impact of blockchain technology on the world of gaming.
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Assessing the potential for blockchain in government

Many significant and important government services and processes are operated using outdated technology and inefficient workflows. Many of these manual processes are perfect candidates for improvement with blockchain.
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