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DigitalX is a technology company specialising in blockchain application development and digital asset management services.

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Design and development of blockchain technology applications for business and enterprise organisations.

Blockchain development

Investment access to a bitcoin and other diversified digital assets through a regulated, wholesale fund structure.

Digital asset management

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Is DeFi the killer application for blockchain as users double to 180k in six months?

As the DeFi (Decentralised Finance) space rapidly expands - with over 180,000 borrowers and lenders, $10B USD of originated lending since Q4 2019, and $1B USD in active loans - it’s a good time to reflect on what some are now calling blockchain’s ‘killer’ application
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Simple issuance and transfer of company shares using DAML smart contracts.

In this article we show how company shares can be issued and transferred using a simplified DAML smart contract.
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DigitalX Launches Bitcoin Fund

DigitalX Ltd is pleased to announce the establishment of its second asset management product - a Bitcoin Fund. The opening of this fund will provide DigitalX investors with further exposure to upside in the price of bitcoin.
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