Why you should invest with us

DigitalX provides institutional-grade access to digital assets for wholesale investors.

Blockchain technology is revolutionising industry globally, but investing in the sector requires domain-specific expertise.

We implement best-in-class technology and a qualified custodian to enable wholesale investors to navigate the next era of finance with confidence.

Our Vision

We’re part of the guiding hand of good governance

Institutional experience

Our investment management team consists of wealth management, superannuation and blockchain technology specialists with decades of experience.

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DigitalX is the only ASX-Listed company that holds Bitcoin as a core treasury asset and is an investor in both of the DigitalX Funds.

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Uniquely positioned

We provide low-cost traditional asset management products to qualified investors looking to gain exposure to digital assets, including Bitcoin.

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Builders of ASX RegTech

We scaled and launched the share-trading RegTech platform, Drawbridge using emerging distributed ledger market infrastructure.


Building ahead of the next paradigm shift Building ahead of the next paradigm shift

DigitalX is developing DeFi products and investing in tech that’s already quietly changing the world. Take a look at what’s next.

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DigitalX does not and will not operate a cryptocurrency exchange, any such website using DigitalX credentials is a scam and should be reported to your local regulatory authority. DigitalX will not offer you employment over zoom or other equivalent mediums. Do not provide personal details until you can validate the authenticity of an offer and report suspected scams to https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/

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