DigitalX covers smart contract deployment, blockchain selection advice and solution architecture, API integrations and technical support for government and private sectors.
A currency remittance app using the Bitcoin blockchain and released on the Google app stores across the USA and Latin America.
Developed a wholesale bitcoin trading API and smart contract for wallet management which supplied early institutions, exchanges and Bitcoin ATM’s.
Technical adviser for the development of crypto payments in the Signal messenger app and developer for the token sale smart contract.
Developed verifiable random number generator protocol for online gaming application and performed crypto security audit.


Ideation and strategic planning for new blockchain based products and applications.
Smart contract and blockchain technology software development.
Smart contract testing, security auditing and technical reviews.
Advice and implementation of secure crypto currency custody and wallet management solutions.
Educational workshops and speaking engagements on blockchain technology applications.
Blockchain technology service provider recommendations and independent advice.
Technical due diligence reviews for investors in blockchain technology companies.
Crypto currency trading platform integrations for market making and algorithmic trading strategies.

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