October 21, 2022
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Brand Update 2022

The builders of global digital finance. One of the world’s most responsible innovation and investment company's.

Brand Update 2022

Brand Manifesto

Finance touches the lives of everyone on the planet. It may look different depending where you are, or who you are, but its power to impact peoples lives remains constant.

As financial imagineers, our purpose is to use finance for impact. We seek to move communities towards financial systems that promote access, empowerment and create positive outcomes.

‍We exist to expand the capability and potential of our community by empowering them with financial tools and technologies.

‍We’re using finance to underpin a movement for change. Positive transformation in a reimagined Web3 world.

‍The future of finance is underpinned by technology, powered by people embracing change.‍

‍We’re focused on creating better financial systems; unlocking new opportunities; and shaping a new world by building communities.

‍For more information or questions about our updated brand please contact our team at [email protected].

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