January 31, 2024
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Building a regulated digital-native asset manager

A Blockchain Confidential podcast by Cloudwall

Cloudwall Podcast

Imagine a world where your investment opportunities are not just limited to the traditional stock market, but also include the dynamic realm of digital assets. Lisa Wade, CEO of DigitalX, was a guest on  Cloudwall’s Blockchain Confidential podcast to shed light on the Bitcoin ETF revolution and its seismic shift towards democratising investments.

Through Lisa’s journey from manufacturing accounting to derivatives trading, she provides perspective on the synergy between supply chains and blockchain technology, and how this shapes our understanding of the digital asset landscape.

Lisa discusses the intricacies of Web 3.0 financial services and DigitalX’s journey from a blockchain mining company to a visionary in atomic finance. Including the strategic corridors of creating an integrated value chain, where the fusion of funds management and share trading coalesces with the simplicity of a Bitcoin ETF.

The episode goes beyond the surface, showcasing a successful proof of concept for atomic trade—hinting at a not-so-distant future where all assets could be effortlessly digitised, settled on unified rails, and strip away the cumbersome layers of traditional banking.

Listen to the latest episode of Blockchain confidential, to find out more and gain insight into the potential of tokenisation and what it means for the pulse of the financial industry.

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