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DigitalX's broadcast TV news service Coincast TV is the leading global television program specialising in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency news. Leverage our international TV network to generate global interest in your project. A Coincast TV story is broadcast in a digital-optimised format to enable cross-platform exposure across our, and your, social media networks. 
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Coincast News

Coincast News is a sure-fire way to gain global exposure for your project or company. Coincast News specialises in creating quality online news content for businesses within the Blockchain and crypto-asset ecosystem with a focus on financial, technical and business information. Our partnership with Coincast TV  ensures we can multiply your company's exposure.
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Multiplier Crypto Business News

Multiplier Crypto Business News is the leading  global news portal for crypto enthusiasts. Our team of business journalists from respected financial media outlets such as Bloomberg and Wall St Journal produce quality news content to generate exposure for your company. MCBN has media partnerships with Bloomberg and AAP,  attracting more than 65,000 website visits per month. 
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