We are a technology and investment company focused on growing the blockchain economy

DigitalX is the world's first publicly listed blockchain technology company. We’re focused on creating better financial systems, unlocking new opportunities, and shaping a new world by building communities.

Using decentralised finance to power societal change


A more open, transparent, and efficient world through blockchain technologies. We aim to empower individuals and businesses alike, forging a future where trust, security, and innovation intersect seamlessly.

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Empower the Web3 community by providing financial access, freedom, and enabling a network of good. We catalyse a shift in how individuals engage with the digital landscape, ensuring equal opportunities for economic participation.

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Finance for impact. We use finance as a force for good, expanding the capability and potential of our community by empowering them with financial technologies that promote greater access, empowerment and positive outcomes.

We impact the world in four essential areas

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Finance Trust Technology Community

Our values help us deliver clear value to clients

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Imagineers who look forward to the future

We believe there is always a way, always a better way, and we can find it. We are not afraid to challenge the status quo, and are focused and fast – we get traction.

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Embrace and drive change

We stay curious and are tenacious and dedicated to push through. We’re passionate about open and transparent discussion.

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Never stop developing

We seek out and solve the hard problems. We help each other by giving graceful feedback. We look for new knowledge so we can grow.

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Say what you mean, do what you say

We are direct in our communication. We seek and provide clarity. We hold ourselves and others to account.

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Side by side

We work together and communicate with each other as one organisation. We share learnings from our mistakes. We celebrate the wins together.

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Be humble and kind

Trust and respect are a given – we are a diverse and inclusive culture. We listen with the intent to understand and are supportive and empathetic to show people they are valued.



DigitalX was the world's first publicly listed blockchain technology company, founded in 2014 as a bitcoin mining operation which at it's peak controlled over 2% of the network hashing power.

The business expanded to providing liquidity for exchanges as well as the development of other blockchain technology applications such as Airpocket, a mobile app for peer to peer foreign currency transfers.


In 2017 DigitalX used it's industry and technology expertise to offer advisory and smart contract development services to blockchain projects seeking to raise capital.


Following a strategic review in 2019, the company renewed it's vision through a focus on two business lines - digital asset funds management for institutional investors and development of blockchain enabled products for capital markets applications.


In 2020 this has seen DigitalX launch and scale two digital asset funds for wholesale investors and launch Drawbridge using emerging distributed ledger market infrastructure.

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DigitalX launched Australia's first real world asset tokenisation fund, the DigitalX Asset Reference Token Fund (DxART). The Fund has been established to offer investor exposure to multiple pools of digital tokens backed by different types of real world assets.

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