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Get prepared for the new ASX distributed ledger system.

The ASX is set to launch a replacement to CHESS, the market’s clearing and settlement system, with a new system built on cutting edge distributed ledger technology (DLT) that uses smart contracts written in DAML.

DAML was created by Digital Asset, a company which the ASX has invested over USD$30 million dollars in (alongside Samsung and Salesforce). It is set to be the world's first industrial-scale blockchain in the financial services industry.

CHESS was a world leading settlement platform when it first launched 25 years ago. Its development allowed for meaningful improvements in efficiency and effectiveness of post-trade processing. In building a DLT based replacement, the ASX aims to provide a deeper range of technological benefits to a wider cross-section of the market, from financial services to agricultural supply chains and beyond.

Some of these outcomes will be:

  • Providing listed companies, product issuers and end investors with enhanced abilities in the way they control and access their market data.

  • Timely, secure and simplified access to the register of holders, financial assets and associated information.

  • Operational efficiencies to streamline workflows, remove paper based processes and mitigate manual errors.

  • A new digital infrastructure backed by the ASX which enables businesses to create their own applications and systems on top of.

DAML foundation consulting partner

DigitalX is ready to help your business take advantage of these world-first innovations as a foundation consulting partner of DAML, the next generation DLT language developed by Digital Asset.

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