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February 23, 2024
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DigitalX Weekly Crypto Update: Market Trends and Analysis

16-23 February 2024

This week's latest trends and insights in the digital asset market from our asset management team.

Market Commentary

This week the market witnessed the price of Bitcoin rally to a 2 year high at US$53,019, with Bitcoin futures open interest surging to US$22.7 billion at the beginning of the week, the highest since November 2021. Consistent spot Bitcoin ETF inflows and the upcoming Bitcoin halving event were major factors behind these moves. On the 20th February, the daily trading volume for combined US-based spot Bitcoin ETFs also reached its highest level of US$2.58 billion since mid-January. VanEck’s Bitcoin ETF witnessed a spike in trading volume of more than 20 times what it traded on its second highest performing day. This occurred a day prior to VanEck’s planned fee cut from 0.25% to 0.20%, with the main driver of inflows reporting to have originated from individual or retail investors rather than institutions, as reported by Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas. This indicates a widespread bullish public sentiment around Bitcoin.

Ethereum’s price reached US$3,000 for the first time in nearly two years amid speculation regarding an eventual approval for spot Ethereum ETFs in the U.S as early as May 2024. Last week Franklin Templeton followed in the footsteps of BlackRock and Fidelity by filing an S-1 registration for a spot Ethereum ETF, becoming the eighth player in the race to introduce this new product to the market. However, analysts continue to remain divided on the possibility of spot Ethereum ETFs being approved this year.

CEO Comment

The Gap between Bitcoin and the S&P 500 has gradually risen to 30% this week, compared to last week’s gap sitting at 29%.

As for the shift list, which we define as the major events and announcements facilitating the broader market’s transition to Web3 financial rails or the internet of value, the top shifts for this week include:

  • Crypto rewards– now that’s a shift – Mastercards move is interesting, especially in a light regulation market. Africa has been the test ground for many of the OG tech breakthroughs!
  • ETF buying is really building up – this is true ownership.   
  • An ETH ETF could very well be on its way, with the market looking to factor it into the price.

Our Top “alts shifts” for this week, featuring shifts in our altcoin universe that drive our thematic approach, saw the second Gap, or the broader digital asset market, remain flat at circa 61%. There is a big opportunity here, as we see this as a selective opportunity to identify and grow our alts portfolio via our “alThematics” work.

  • Polygon and Starknet teaming up for this ZK project is truly amazing – this tech has so much potential and they managed to put together the dream team.
  • It’s interesting to see issuers expanding into altcoin Exchange Traded Products so early. This could help smaller sectors and innovations including scaling, or in this case Celestia’s modular blockchain.

What are our favourite thematics for 2024? We continue to like any infrastructure plays of the shift from Web2 to Web3 financial rails and any plays in the real world asset tokenisation infrastructure, data validation and decentralised  storage, as well as scale up technologies such as ZKrollups. We are closely following all the ”de’s” – DeFi, DePin, DeSoc – (want to know what that means? – message us). 

Lisa Wade, CEO DigitalX



*All figures throughout are in USD unless otherwise specified


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