Digital Asset Fund


To provide secure access to a diversified portfolio of digital assets which is expected to produce a positive return over the medium term


April 2018


  • 1.5% management fee
  • 15% performance fee


Monthly ($50k minimum subscription)

About the Fund

The DigitalX Fund provides wholesale investors with simplified access to an actively managed portfolio of digital assets. The Fund’s portfolio predominantly consists of highly liquid digital assets, identified within the cryptocurrency markets Top 20 assets by market capitalisation, with an investment focus on quality, growth, utility and long-term sustainability factors.

Up to 20% of the Fund may be allocated to exchange listed digital assets outside of the Top 20.

The Fund is permitted to invest in digital assets, cash and derivatives of digital assets (for risk management purposes) and may generate an additional yield from staking or lending assets.

About the Manager

DigitalX Asset Management Pty Ltd (DXAM) is the investment manager of two investment products that provide qualified investors with highly secure and streamlined access to digital assets.

DigitalX Digital Asset Fund Datasheet

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