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June 20, 2020
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Netwealth adds the DigitalX Bitcoin Fund

DigitalX's insured and vaulted Bitcoin fund has been added to Netwealth’s investment platform.


The DigitalX Bitcoin Fund provides a traditional investment structure for investors to get exposure to the world’s leading digital asset, Bitcoin.

Executive Director for DigitalX, Mr Leigh Travers said that the fund was designed to provide investors with the easiest way to access secure and low-cost Bitcoin exposure. The DigitalX Bitcoin Fund is fully backed by Bitcoin and has the custody, insurance and independent administration standards expected from an institutional grade product.

“We are delighted that growing interest in this liquid, alternative asset has led to the DigitalX Bitcoin Fund being added to the Netwealth investment platform. Bitcoin has been one of the best performing assets over the last decade and it is pleasing to be able to bring that asset to Australian wholesale investors on Australia’s #1 rated platform.” Mr Travers said.

“The challenges in acquiring Bitcoin from cryptocurrency exchanges, storing that securely and managing tax and audit complexities have been the biggest barriers to entry for potential Bitcoin investors,” Mr Travers explained.

The DigitalX Bitcoin Fund was specifically built to solve these pain points for investors and its addition to the Netwealth platform further serves this purpose.

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