Product development

We believe distributed ledger technologies are the next frontier to meaningful technological  advancement.


Why blockchain matters

Blockchain is revolutionising the way organisations deliver cost and time savings, by creating new markets and operating models with meaningful commercial outcomes.

What blockchain is

Blockchain is a unique data storage method. It provides a single source of truth without the need for a central intermediary, creating a tamper proof audit trail with the ability to securely share data with all participants in a network
services and expertise

We play to our strengths

Product management

  • Customer discovery
  • Idea validation
  • Business model testing
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Human centred design

Software development

  • Smart contracts
  • Digital applications
  • Blockchain architecture
  • Cryptography and security
  • DAML development

This is how we work


Discovery & Research

Clearly understand the problem being solved and the size of the market through user centred research methods and frameworks.


Design & Refine

Rapid prototyping of solution design choices to de-risk product and business model assumptions with real customers and users.


Build & Scale

Development, integration and implementation of end to end solutions using an agile, incremental approach to delivering value.

Partners and technologies

Building with the best

Digital Asset

Foundation Consulting Partner with Digital Asset Holdings, the creators of DAML.


DAML certified developers for integration to ASX's distributed ledger system.


Smart contract expertise for decentralised, open-source blockchain.


Industry applications

Financial services & regulation

Financial services & regulation

Example Applications:

  • Asset tokenisation
  • In-built compliance processes
  • Decentralised finance applications

Mining, energy and resources

Example Applications:

  • Joint Venture Administration
  • Mining Royalty Contract Management
  • Clean Energy Certifications

Government & Public Services

Example Applications:

  • Gaming machine approvals
  • Public registries
  • Disability services & payments

Case study

Project background is a global blockchain based settlement layer for physical gold, enabling participants to access the world’s largest over the counter desk for physical LBMA/9999 gold bullion, without paying additional spreads or custody fees.

Our role

DigitalX is the lead technology partner for Bullion Asset Management, the creator of xbullion. The DigitalX team has primary responsibility for developing the xbullion blockchain smart contracts and exchange integrations.

Outcome acheived

xbullion is growing its assets under management through global exchanges to provide precious metals investors access to allocated physical gold for lower cost than traditional ETFs.

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Discover how blockchain technologies can help your organisation unlock part of the $3 trillion of value identified in the Australian Government's National Blockchain Roadmap.

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