Be ready when the world changes Be ready when the world changes

By knowing where we’re going next

we act and invest now

Trust Technology Finance Community
Trust Blockchain is fast becoming the trusted tool for transparency in markets and a foundation for business innovation.
Technology We help institutional and sophisticated investors stay on the pulse of technologies driving the future of value exchange.
Finance Because, as forward-thinking investors, we recognise that decentralised finance (DeFi) is not purely about profit; it’s about catalysing positive change.
Community We use finance as a force for good, expanding the capability and potential of our community by empowering them with financial technologies that promote greater access and positive outcomes.

Be ready for the next now Be ready for the next now

Our success to date has been built on these four pillars:


We’re the world's first publicly listed blockchain technology company. Not content to simply invest, our teams lend their expertise to emerging blockchain applications & financial technology.

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We have a proven track record in digital asset funds management for institutional and wholesale investors.

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We build products and provide services that align with our values and meet the moment. We see value in a decentralised financial system to empower everyone, including the unbanked.

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Being ASX-listed, we’re part of the guiding hand of good governance in Australia, and have been since 2014. DigitalX is ESG accredited and trades transparently on Block Explorer.

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