December 18, 2023
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Without Balance, AI’s Role in Financial Analysis Will Go Too Far

DititalX CEO, Lisa Wade talks to TheStreet about AI's impact on finance and the need to balance technology with human insight for effective decision making.


As the financial world increasingly intertwines with technological advancements, a recent discussion for TheStreetCrypto between Roundtable anchor Rob Nelson and Lisa Wade, CEO of DigitalX, offered illuminating perspectives on this transformation.

The dialogue centred around the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in finance as well as the growing influence of gaming in the sector, presenting novel insights into the future of financial decision-making.

Nelson initiated the conversation with a critical view about the overreliance on AI by young professionals. He expressed concerns about AI potentially overshadowing the human element in financial analysis. However, he also recognised AI’s potential to refine decision-making processes when guided correctly.

“It’s about structuring your thinking to extract enhanced answers from AI,” Nelson pointed out, suggesting a balanced approach.

Wade agreed with Nelson, noting the necessity of developing new kinds of analytical skills in the age of digital finance. She emphasised the emerging role of discernment in identifying the right data points for creating effective digital models.


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